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How are you enjoying lockdown? Or should I ask, how are you enjoying freedom, depending on where you live? Personally, I've been told it will be the end of September before my home will open up again, so I'm looking at personal projects and making the most of an unsatisfactory situation.

Above you can see 10 of the prints I'm working on. The print board has been cleared off and a series of Middlehurst prints put in place. You can see many of the Middlehurst shots on my current Instagram feed.

Apart from the enjoyment I get from making prints, it's also an integral part of the creative process - and I know I have written about this before. Print it and live with it. Spend time with your photographs and you'll find them talking to you.

Not that it's easy to see, but there are two photos that definitely need some more work. They are the top right and bottom left prints. Neither have quite the right colour intensity or colour balance. The top right needs a slightly warmer colour tone, but not too warm as I like the way the lines of stock feed stand out. Down the bottom left, I've been struggling to get the saturation I want in the blues, but I'm starting to think maybe less saturation is better - the ground is covered in frost.

So, I have a couple of projects to keep me busy - in between everything else. Here's hoping all is well with you!

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