Photo Feedback

The original image as presented for feedback.


Our Anonymous Photographer was up early, but only one horse paid him or her any attention! There's some rising mist in the middle ground which is full of potential, but the sky is pretty bright and distracting, so our Anonymous Photographer went to work and produced the following:



The photographer should be commended for balancing the sky down so that it isn't so distracting, but could our Anonymous perpetrator have done even more? 



Here's my take on the image, beginning with an evening out of the tonal values in both the foreground and background. 



From here, I have darkened down the top and bottom a little further, and then lightened up the middle ground and added a little more contrast. Not a great difference between my edit and the Anonymous Photographer, so I am in good company, but perhaps mine is a bit lighter. Was the photographer's monitor correctly calibrated I wonder?



So, where to next? What about cropping a bit more of the sky off? It brings attention down to the horses, but the bright sky is still a distraction.



What about cropping the bright sky out all together, just keeping the clouds, although this leaves the lone tree to become a distraction instead...



So, let's crop a bit more and now we have a much simpler image with just the horses and the tree in the mist. I like this personally, but I might have taken my 'feedback' a bit far because now this is no longer the Anonymous Photographer's interpretation. And perhaps the image is a little long and narrow.



As a penultimate suggestion, the very top of the image was extended (stretched) upwards, just because the previous step looked a little severely cropped. Photoshop was used to select the top 20% and using the transform tool, stretch this section up which I'm sure the casual observer would not object to.



Now that the sky has been removed, I feel the image is lacking in contrast, so an auto levels was applied to give the final image a little lift.

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