The New Tradition - Bespoke Indigo

One bespoke copy of The New Tradition printed by MomentoPro
$ 495.00

The New Tradition is being printed two ways, using a conventional offset press (the $120 book), and also a bespoke version using an Indigo press (this $495 option). The bespoke copy is printed by MomentoPro using an Indigo press, offering a six colour output (compared to the four colour inkset of a conventional offset press). Both versions will look absolutely amazing, but there is more colour gamut in this bespoke version, bringing the result that much closer to the original images. And the bespoke book is hand produced and hand bound by MomentoPro, Australia's leading on-demand photo book printer. Early orders can be made available for Christmas, being mindful that these books require two to three weeks to produce, so order early to avoid disappointment.

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