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Book Publishing Services

We can tailor the amount of help we provide to what you need. Here are our basic services:

Planning Consultation

An introductory meeting, review of content, clarification of purpose and outcomes, discussion of print options. Bring along all your questions and we’ll answer them!

Book Design

First draft designs of cover, frontispiece, introductory pages, sample body pages, including grid, typeface and font selection. Variations of covers and body pages. Document created in InDesign, including paragraph tags, ready for layout and adaptation. Your sample images are required in jpg format. This does not produce a final file for printing, rather is a set of sample pages and design guide.


Provision of text for cover, introductory pages, captions and copy, sub-edited and proofread, ready for layout. (Text should be proofread again after layout completed.) This service is only required for books with extensive text.


Re-writing and editing of your notes, interviews and ancillary research, preparation of essay, introduction or travel notes.

Image File Preparation

File preparation, adjustment of levels, minor enhancement for reproduction purposes (subject to approval), sizing, sharpening, conversion to CMYK colour space if required.

Layout And Print File Preparation

Preparation of final designs for printing. Layout of images and text into document based on approved design, production of covers, spine, jacket, body pages, final proof reading, preparation of print ready PDF. We can also apply for an ISBN number if required.

You can download a eBrochure about our services by clicking here

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