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WHEN YOU WALK into a department store looking for a new television, have you noticed how all the display units are slightly different in terms of colour, contrast and brightness? It’s impossible to know which screen is closest to the original – and photographers have the same problem when editing their images. The only way they will know that what they are seeing is accurate is by calibrating their monitor.

And to calibrate your monitor, you need a tool like Datacolor’s SpyderXElite.

SpyderXElite offers a completely new, more accurate way of measuring colour. Its groundbreaking lens-based colour engine technology features higher light sensitivity and more advanced sensors, so you can experience significantly more precise screen colour, white balance and shadow detail.

The SpyderXElite software offers One-click Calibration and Stepby- step Assistant modes, along with interactive help every step of the way. It lets you calibrate multiple laptops and desktop monitors and supports the latest display technologies, so you can be confident that your colours are always accurate no matter which of your computers or displays you are working on.

The SpyderProof feature allows you to compare your monitor colours before and after calibration, so you’ll see how good it is. There’s an integrated ambient light sensor that can measure your room light throughout the day, allowing you to adjust your display brightness and contrast to ideal levels. The software can either warn you to recalibrate or do it automatically using custom profiles based on light level.

SpyderXElite features an extensive selection of calibration options, including photo, video, pre-press and scientific calibration standards. Importantly, your on-screen images may look different when you print them, or view them on other devices such as tablets. The Soft proof feature, only available with SpyderXElite, lets you simulate and view these changes on your calibrated screen.

You can purchase SpyderXElite through Kayell for $465, or the Pro model for $295.

For more information, visit