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About The Winning Images - Krzysztof Browko


Better Photography Photo of the Year - 2016 Classic Landscape Winner

Many of Krzysztof Browko's landscape entries in earlier Better Photography Magazine Photo of the Year competitions were taken in Tuscany, with exquisite light, beautiful colour and exemplary composition.

This time, Krzysztof's photograph was taken on his way to Tuscany, but in a quiet corner of Slovenia.

"My adventure with photography started not so long ago in 2005. Photography was facing the 'cyber era' which accelerated its development and photo web portals were getting more and more popular among the many new enthusiasts.

"At that time, I came across a simple compact camera. The fun I was having taking photos was so great that family photos were soon pushed into the background. My family cannot forgive me until now!

"What motivated me the most was seeing top quality photos with perfect compositions from places I’d never had a chance to see. Then it was clear to me that if I dared to go one step further, taking landscape photos could be a source of greatest satisfaction.


"Today, travelling around the world with my camera and a tripod, I feel like a hunter whose aim is to capture an interesting part of reality. What’s more, my dependence on weather conditions and light makes it even more challenging.

"It is also a chance to visit more interesting places that are less frequented by tourists, and to time the visit when the light is at its best. And that's how this photo was taken. When I was on my way to Tuscany, I stopped in Slovenia to make a shot of the church at dawn, with the mountains in the background."

Krzysztof used a Nikon D810 with a Nikkor AF-S 24-70 mm f2.8 G ED zoom. Exposure was f9 for 20 seconds, ISO 64. There were no filters on the camera, but in post-production, Krzysztof used Photoshp CS5 and Nik ColorEFEX to realise his vision.

What makes this a winning photograph? Impact! Mood! Colour! Krzysztof has ensured the sky is rich in colour and the warm tones are very strong in comparison to the cooler greens and blues of the foreground. Yet within the green hills there are further patches of warmth - the tops of the trees, which reflect the sky.

Note how all the colours compliment each other and that the colour palette (the range of colours) is quite limited. Many successful colour photographs limit the number of colours they use.

And then there is the little detail - the tiny church on the top of the hill. It almost looks as though the photographer has dropped it in. A worthy winner of the Classic Landscape award. 

Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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