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Photo Feedback

Can We Move The Spires Please?

The original image as presented for feedback.



Our Anonymous Photographer has expertly used the frame of an archway to frame the subject in the background. Photographically, this device attracts our attention, giving us the impression we have a special window into the scene. However, the image is not without its challenges. Personally, I would prefer to see the church spires in or nearer the centre of the archway, but this may not have been possible. There could have been other structures just outside the archway that blocked the view. However, given I might also have framed this photo with slightly less archway (moved my camera into the archway further), this could have allowed me to better position the spires within the frame at the same time. 



But this is just how I respond to the image and maybe the photographer has intentionally challenged me with an off-centre subject. I can accept that! The other issue is the sunlight on the wall of the archway. Because it is so bright, it distracts me from the main subject which is in shadow.



Fortunately, a little darkening down of this area is easily achieved and the tonality quickly brought under control.



The final technical observation is the white clouds. With the JPEG file supplied, I couldn't find any detail to add in and all I have really done is create a light grey tone in the clouds. No doubt the raw file has a little more information which would produce a better result.


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Peter Eastway Uses

Peter Uses

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