Writes Ken Spence, “No matter where you live, this pandemic has been a shared experience of isolation. There are the extremes – Melbourne’s lockdown total of 250+ days at one end of the spectrum, with Western Australia’s isolation from the rest of the country at the other.

“More broadly, as Australians we have all shared the common experience of isolation through the ban on international travel. This has changed what we can do and what we can photograph. For the many photographers who define their preferred genre of photography as ‘travel’, pity about that.”

However, as Ken suggests, limitations can be a fuel for creativity, so we cooked up the idea of providing a stage for Better Photography Magazine subscribers to share their creativity in the context of the pandemic with a larger audience. This may well involve aspects of isolation, but not necessarily.

“See this as an opportunity to document and share your personal experiences of this worldwide catastrophe.”

We had only a dozen respondents (was everyone else chicken?), so the editor has picked his favourite from each photographer. Enjoy them in the current issue of Better Photography (Issue 107). Click on the link below to subscribe - plus you get immediate access to over50 back issues full of super informative material and inspirational ideas! Use coupon code BP40 to get 40% off - just $29.88 for an annual subscription.