Fujifilm’s GF30mm f5.6 T/S and GF110mm f5.6 T/S Macro lenses will have a lot of photographers green with envy – a medium format (or large format, as Fujifilm reminds us) lens offering some of the camera movements usually found only on technical cameras!

Both the new lenses offer a tilt function (tilting their optical axis) and a shift function (moving their optical axis), separately or together, to alter how the optical axis relates to the imaging plane, thus allowing us to intentionally manipulate areas that are in focus and their perspective. The tilt shift lenses feature image circles of around 85 mm, much larger than the image sensor and thus allowing shift adjustment up to ±15 mm. The revolving action of the lens design allows you to change the tilting and shifting in any direction required.

The GF30mm f5.6 T/S is a wide-angle tilt shift lens with the focal length equivalent to 24mm in the 35mm film format. Fujifilm suggests the lens will meet the professional needs of landscape photography where everything within the frame needs to be in focus, from the grass in the foreground to distant mountains, and in architectural photography where all the vertical lines in the building need to appear vertical in the photograph as well.

The GF110mm F5.6 T/S Macro is a mid-telephoto tilt shift macro lens with a focal length equivalent to 87mm in the 35mm film format and a maximum reproduction rate of 0.5x (meaning it’s great for close-up photography). Often when shooting product photographs it is difficult to keep everything in sharp focus, but by tilting and shifting the lens, planes of product boxes (for example) can be kept tack sharp from front to back.

The 30mm has an expected retail price of $6799 and the 110mm is $5899. For more information, visit Fujifilm’s website.