Do you miss physical photography? Perhaps you lament the old Polaroid cameras with their instant gratification? Did you know that at one stage, Fujifilm’s Instax was its best performing division?

Okay, so don’t take any financial information I have about Fujifilm as being credible, but I remember being surprised, maybe 10 years ago, when I heard that Instax was such an incredible success. I mean, they are small prints, not very big.

But I was way out of touch. Fujifilm has essentially reinvented the instant print market and, based on how keen my daughters were about the Instax cameras, there’s no reason to believe interest has diminished. Heck, on a recent flight with Emirates, the staff were wandering down the aisle with (I think) Instax cameras and taking photos of passengers to keep as a reminder of their flight!

So, Instax is cool and Fujifilm has just released its latest model, the INSTAX mini 99. While a basic camera compared with the X and GFX models, the new mini 99 includes a number of new features sure to appeal to the younger generations (and the older generations who are younger at heart), including colour effect dials, a unique Vignette Switch, plus brightness and focus modes for a little more control.

The colour effects dial has six effects – Faded Green, Warm Tone, Light Blue, Soft Magenta, Sepia, and Light Leak – which allows the user to customise and create a unique image. Yes, unique as there are no negatives and no digital files – just the Instax print!

Well, maybe I can’t use the adjective ‘unique’. There’s a new Instax Up! app which allows you to digitally scan, import and organise all your Instax photos.

And here’s a wry smile! You know how we worry about vignetting, perhaps by not straightening the lens hood? Well, the mini 99 offers this as an exciting new switch, which can be used to add ‘an artistic shaded frame around the image’.

Okay, so the Instax is at the opposite end of the market to the GFX, but who said serious photographers can’t have fun – perhaps fun for all the family! The Instax mini 99 retails for $279 and box of Instax film will set you back around $69 for a box of 60 prints.